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Company Background 

Komplex Industries "KI" is an independently owned publishing company with a focus on culturally progressive content curated by members of the Diaspora. KI is a team of high energy creatives who are passionate about what they do and guarantees customer satisfaction. Our services do not stop at publishing. Becoming a published author is only the first goal for your life-changing experience. Once you are a published author, you may choose to embark upon endless opportunities. Maybe you would like to host a book signing or be invited to speak at an event. You may even choose to brand your services and book publication for future products. There are many opportunities for published authors; each is advantageous.

Komplex Industries offers all of the necessary tools to make your book appeal to readers from amazing design teams to professional editors. We will not only walk you through the process of you becoming a published author but also hold your hand every step of the way. Click here to start your journey to the top of the best seller lists.


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